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Welcome to Innovating Pet Well-being

My name is Jessica, I am a Canadian Registered Veterinary Technician with experience in small animal veterinary clinics.

My goal in this career has always been to help and guide pet parents, by implementing prevention, and education to pet parents and animal welfare.

This time my  path of knowledge led me to learn about the innovative cannabinoid therapy to ease and improve the quality of life of many animals.

This is how I created Innovating pet well-being, a resource for pet parents to have truthful and clear access about using CBD in their pets.

In recent years many people seek alternative therapies to improve the quality of life of their pets. Cannabinoid therapy is here to stay and I am here to provide you with the necessary guidance and education to use it responsibly.

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About me

"My vision is to establish cannabinoid therapy as a reliable, and complementary treatment for pets by raising awareness of the correct use of cannabis products and their benefits."

In 2021 I made the decision to become a Veterinary Cannabis Consultant. A project that opened me to a world of infinite possibilities to ease the discomfort caused by various diseases in pets. Cannabinoid therapy is innovative, it is real and it should be guided and monitored by veterinary professionals specialized in this innovative therapy.

Cannabinoid therapy has been extensively researched in human medicine and, nowadays, there are also great advances in veterinary medicine.

There are veterinary researchs with potentially positive results in diseases or conditions such as pain management, osteoarthritis, anxiety, seizures, immune system diseases, and cancer and it has been used in cases of Idiopathic Cystitis in cats, feline asthma ,and Atopic Dermatitis.

I am current member of this profesionals organizations 
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