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FAQ about CBD

Who is a Veterinary Cannabis Counselor?

A Veterinary Cannabis Counselor is generally a veterinary technician ( certified or no-certified) that :

  • Support the Veterinary team byestablishing  strerelationships established Veterinary-client -patient relationship, supporting the veterinarian's established treatment plan, providing up-to-date cannabis education to colleagues, facilitating complete and current medical records, and bygance on monitoring plan.

  • Support the pet parent by: facilitating the communication between the pet parent and the clinic team, providing  Harm Reduction Education  on  cannabis products, evaluating a cannabis product for safety, providing accurate veterinary information, and by creating a cannabis administration plan, when appropriate.

What is my role as a VCC?

  • To provide Harm Reduction Education (HRE), guidance, monitoring, and case supervision for cannabinoid therapy while staying within the limits of the scope of practice.

  • To provide science-based and safety-focused accurate information to  pet in order that they have and complete understanding of their cannabinoid plan.

  • I ensure the pet parent’s primary veterinarian remains informed of the cannabis plan therapy, and any positive outcomes that occur during the treatments.

  • To ensure that pet parents understand that cannabinoid therapy should not replace any established veterinary treatment.

  • Only veterinarians certified as VCC can diagnose or change the current treatment 

What are the benefits of CBD oil?

There many research that CBD oil can be used as:

  • strong anti-inflammatory

  • strong analgesic

  • anxiolytic

  • neural modulatory

  • muscle relaxant

  • appetite stimulant

  • antioxidant

  • anticonvulsant

  • cancer fighter

  • anti-vomitive

There are many veterinary types of research with potentially positive results in conditions such as pain management, osteoarthritis, anxiety, seizures, immune system diseases, cancer and Cbd was used in cases of Idiopathic Cystitis in cats, Feline Asthma and  Atopic Dermatitis.

Are veterinarians allow to prescribe CBD products to your pets in Canada?

Right now,  the veterinarians are legally unable to prescribe any cannabis products for your pets, by the otherhand , veterinary professionals can provide information on product safety, potential drug interaction, and administration guidance.

Is CBD therapy safe?

Of course, it is! As long we use the correct dosage with the correct product for your pet. As VCC, we always start slow and go slow until we reach the dosage where we see clinical improvement. 

Where I can get accurate ad updated information in regards to CBD for animals?

There are many resources that can many resources can give you update information about CBD. Here you have a few of them:

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