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5 reasons to buy Dental food

When our puppies and kittens reach adulthood, owners begin with the dilemma of what food they need to switch to. In my personal experience, I do recommend switching either to weight control or to dental food. Either of them is a good choice and today I will be focusing on dental food.

Dental food helps to maintain optimal oral health by controlling plaque and calculus.

Did you know that 85% of dogs and 75% of cats get a dental disease? Among the reasons are genetics, age, occlusal abnormalities, and also nutrition.

So things about dental food:

  1. The goal of the dental food is to remove the plaque before it hardens

  2. Most dental food has a large kibble and a special texture to promote chewing and has a better abrasion with the surface of the teeth.

  3. Dried diets are slightly better than can diets.

  4. Dental food contains antimicrobials like chlorhexidine and zinc chloride which helps to kill the microorganism that produces mouth infections.

  5. Dental food has enzymes systems like the glucose oxidase that attacks the tartar and plaque; and the lactoperoxidase that helps to reduce microorganisms in the mouth that help create tartar.

I do strongly recommend to check always for the label of the Veterinary Oral Health Council accepted level of the "VOHC accepted"

Click on this link so you can see which brands have the label above, so you will be sure that you are giving quality food or products for the proper oral care of your pets.


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