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Can I use CBD oil for my pets?

Cannabis oil has been used lately in human medicine and now it is a subject of concern in the veterinary field. But how dangerous or good could be for our pets?

Cannabis, marihuana, pot, Mary Jane, and weed are various names for the same product. The Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica are families of Cannabaceae family, and their wrong consumption alters receptors of the brain. According to the Pet poison helpline, animals can get intoxicated by smoke inhalation, eating baked goods prepared with Cannabis or high concentrated THC oils.

But the CBD oils it is safe to use for our pets?

It is safe as long as you give the correct dosage and you use the correct product with a correct ratio between THC and CBD.

And what THC and CBD stand for?

THC: Tetrahydrocannabinol, is the main psychoactive compound of cannabis, producing a sense of euphoria,

CBD: Cannabidiol does not produce the effect of being high but may help to anxiety, depression, seizure, and inflammation. as also the THC.

What Cannabis is used for in pets?

According to a few studies it could help to manage:

  • seizures

  • inflammation

  • pain

  • behavior issues

  • sedation and anxiety

  • dermatitis

  • Inflammatory bowel disease

  • oncology

I do suggest that before using any CBD oil product in your pets you need to answer a few questions:

  • It is legal?

In Canada is legal as long if it is sold by licensed producers, you need to find out in your country

  • It is safe?

Again in Canada, licensed producers follow strict practices when producing those products. They need to have a clear label about the THC and CBD content and have to provide a Certificate of Analisis.

  • Can you trust the producer company?

In that case, you will need to do a little bit of research, look for a good company with good standards and ethics. Could be a little more expensive but I rather pay to be safe than to be sorry.

  • How do we start the dosage?

Always talk to an expert in this subject, there are Veterinary Cannabis Counselors, which soon I will become one, or Associations of veterinarians specialized in Cannabis that can guide you through the dosage. Keep this in mind: Star slow, go slow until reach target dose.


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