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CBD and osteoarthritis in dogs

Do you know that there was a 90-day pilot clinical trial to assess the impact of a full-spectrum product containing hemp extract and hemp seed oil on dogs with chronic maladaptive pain?

A total of 37 dogs diagnosed with chronic maladaptive pain primarily as a result of osteoarthritis were enrolled in the study

Of the 32 dogs that completed the study, 30 dogs demonstrated improved pain support. Of the 23 dogs in the study that were taking gabapentin at the time of enrollment, 10 dogs were able to discontinue the gabapentin, and an additional 11 dogs were able to have their daily dose reduced with the addition of the cannabidiol (CBD) oil.

Only 2 dogs were deemed by their owners and supported by the veterinary assessments to have achieved no measurable improvement in pain with the addition of the CBD oil.

The name of the study is The Use of Cannabidiol-Rich HempOilExtract to Treat Canine Osteoarthritis-Related Pain: A Pilot Study, published in March 2020.

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