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What is the job of a veterinary counselor of CBD oil?

If a veterinarian works with CBD then the VCC do the follow-up start and education, if a client decided to start his or her pet into CBD product, then the VCC can take a look into it and do a follow-up.

So when a case arrives to a VCC, the counselor talks to the client to understand and discuss the main reasons why is using this product. After the main goal has been selected, blood tests are strongly suggested to do and veterinary consultation. If an animal is already using drugs or medications, the veterinary cannabis counselor needs to be aware of the treatments currently use, so we can see if it could be any contraindication when using any cannabis product.

Then, we create a Cannabis plan by determining the molecular profile ( which means what molecules of the plant could be used to treat the patient like CBD isolate product, some CBGA, CBC, or a little bit of THC, any terpenoid like limonene or pinene). Then we began o look for a product that can have similar molecules that we determine for the patient. Or if the pet owner has already a product, you can analyze its molecules and see if it is good enough or need to change the product to reach the desired goal.

How do we know if the product fits our molecular profile?

All the products have a COA ( certificate of analysis) that the laboratories give to their supplier or stores, clients can request it as well. But, not all the stores give it due to privacy concerns. If a VCC can no get a COA from a certain product, more likely the VCC will look for another one because the COA shows us that is safe for the patient to use it ( clean of chemicals, bacteria, and more), and also it shows the molecular composition ( major cannabinoids, minor cannabinoids, and terpenoids concentration).

After we calculate the body-weight target dose ( we begin slow and we go slow), we monitor with the clients and adjust the dose or product. We encourage the clients to use always a journal to monitor changes in appetite, consumption, of water, any gastro-intestinal issue, decrease in pain or seizure, or if too sedate. All this information is hand to hand with their primary veterinarian as he or she needs to be aware of what is used in his patient.

So if anyone is interested in using cannabis products for cats, dogs or horses is ok. But please always look for accurate information, counselors, veterinary specialist in cannabis, because it could be really dangerous to have an overdose of this plant. If any questions I am glad to help

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