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Fireworks: awesome for humans, a nightmare for pets.

We are close to ending of 2021 and despite the current situation, there are places where still is going to be celebrations of the New Year

Fireworks have been always the best expression for finishing the Year, and even though many persons enjoy them, many other beings hate them.

The flashing, the loud noises, and the strong smell are a few of the things that pets cannot stand on New Year's Eve. So what can we do to comfort our pets at this time of the year? Here are a few tips:

  • If your pet seeks you for comfort and reassurance, please have enough patient and engagement to provide it. For some pets the fireworks are terrifying, the only ones that can protect from the fireworks are us. Do not reward the fear, an animal stressed will not accept treats at the moment.

  • You may use a closed room to stay with your pet and turn on the radio and look for white noise so it can mask the loud noises. Some cats rather stay in a hidden place, and for outdoor rabbits would be best if they are kept inside the house.

  • Some dogs are relaxed enough to play, or solve puzzles or do a positive reinforcement when the fireworks are happening. For cats, toys filled with catnips may be a good option as well.

  • Keep your pet inside! Many persons lost their pets during the New Year's celebration because their flight and fight response activates and the animals run away, Some of them are found, some others died due to car crashes, or they are never found again.

  • Practice during the rest of the year, nowadays with technology, we can put videos, or sounds of fireworks, practice positive reinforcement, give t a try maybe that could be the solution for many pets.

  • Use pheromones: the pheromones are chemicals released by the animal and they can be felt by other pets, It is a way of communication. Some products like Adaptil for dogs and Feliway for cats, use pheromones transmitted by the bitch or queen when lactating, The product can be used as a spray or as a diffuser providing your pet calm and comfort. Note: For some pets, it works very well, for some others the pheromones are not enough.

I hope these tips may help your furry friends to pass that night. I wish you a wonderful New Year 2022! and despite all this virus madness let's hope the next year let us come back closer to our normal life, be grateful for all the good things and bad things because the bad ones come always with a lesson. See you next year!


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