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Available Services

First meeting

It could be in person or by phone, we have around 10 to 15 minutes chat about your pet and your expectations about th CBD,  if you are interested in my services we go for the First Cannabis Session.

No fees

Educational session for veterinary professionals

Today many pet parents are willing to look for alternative therapies and CBD is not an exception. As veterinary professionals, we guide, advise and educate pet parents. This educative session will help to have a clear understanding of the Endocannabinoid System and how cannabinoids work. Also, the importance of the Harm Reduction Education, the dosing, the monitoring, the contraindication, and interactions with other drugs. Veterinary professionals will learn about the legal aspects of the Cannabis therapy in the veterinary field  

3 months Cannabinoid Plan

After we establish your pets needs, we will focus on creating a Cannabis plan that will best suit your pet. I will work on a molecular profile, evaluation of a product, dosage and a plan of monitoring. 

Personal Cannabinoid Plan

On some occasions, we may find that pet's needs may not match the plans offered. In this case, in the first session, we will chat about the possibility that best fits your pet 


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