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Linalool: the Lavander's aroma terpene

Some Cannabis strains contain Linalool, a terpene that is very well known in the aromatherapy world.

But, cannabis is not the only plant that produces it, lilacs and mint are also producers of this terpene.

This strong aroma helps protect the plant from undesired invaders

What are the benefits of the Linalool in mammals?

  • relaxation

  • reduction of anxiety

  • it has been used in patients suffering of Alzheimer's and psychosis

  • analgesic

  • anticonvulsant

  • antidepressant

  • anti-inflammatory

Many Cbd oils contain Linalool terpene as part of the mixture, the CBD enhances the properties of this terpene making it an excellent mixture for animals with pain and for animals that suffer from anxiety.


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